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Moodymann also known as Kenny Dixon Jr or KDJ for short, is a Techno/House musician based in Detroit, Michigan. He creates a thoroughly hybrid form of techno/house dance music, jazz, soul, disco and funk via his innovative use of reworked riffs, samples (including old movie soundtrack samples mainly culled from the old blaxploitation and b-movie genres), and grooves taken from Detroit''s historically influential jazz, R&B, soul, funk, and disco scene. He is outspoken on the current state of dance music, decrying the lack of black techno and the white domination of the genre. His sets often feature him playing hidden from the crowd, the dj booth covered in white sheets. He is also known to stop records while they are playing to talk to the crowd. In many of his gigs he would stop the music, scratch the vinyl on the decks then lift the record and speak to the crowd informing them how his women prefer 12". Moodymann is a strong supporter of the Vinyl Preservation Society. An outspoken voice in the normally non-confrontational world of electronic dance music, Moodymann (Kenny Dixon Jr.) is committed to keeping a distinctly black imprint on techno and house.